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The information and technological society is a recent phenomenon in human history and it is easier to feel it than to describe it, because the main theme of its existence is due to complex factors that made the emergence of new paradigms in the production, reception and perception of information.

Today, the communications are increasingly faster, undeniable and unavoidable, either in life or in the normal business activity.

As for the Communications Server, it allows the unification into a single platform for all forms of communication such as fixed and mobile telephony, instant message, email, fax, voice mail, presence, web and video conferencing.

The server is responsible for identifying through the presence of tools, the availability of caller and by which means.

A Voice Server, in turn, is intended to companies in need of creating their own voice network, whether in monosite or multisite environment. Voice servers range from the simplest solutions to pure IP Telephony solutions, with the most advanced features of the market, allowing you to choose the most appropriate solution to each business.

With no Communication Equipment, hardly a company today can labor. It is essential the use of equipment and various applications as these allow the connection of a transmission channel between two or more actors and enable transmission / reception of information, according to a number of predefined rules and knowledge of the entities involved.

To support all this there are the communications networks, wired or wireless, providing the means for transmitting all this information.

There are, in the area of communications systems, several integrated solutions possible, engaging, interactive and complete with a view to technological convergence systems.

Used to:

Equipment and communications networks are the basis on which the majority of businesses are based on, from those dedicated specifically to information, to the financial, distribution of goods and services, through the telecommunications activities, radio or TV and others, and where are also based the social networks.

Advantages to consider:

Being connected with the world.

In business, the distances-time almost vanish and simultaneously cost-distances are shrinking; it allows quick access to information and knowledge, providing relevant and timely information for decision-making; the costs reducing and increasing productivity with its use, are amazing.

In personal life, enables a global world, maintaining contact with family and friends, or the access to simple entertainment.

The communications servers facilitate transparent communication and indifferent to the contact form or the location of the users.


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