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About Us

Why We Innov?

Offering a good quality / price relation, we intend to increase the existing range of choice, especially in the Centre / South, with regard to Innovative Technology Solutions, with after-sales services that offer reliability and efficiency.

Faced with a diverse market, where the requirements of each client (business or private ) are increasingly demanding and specific , we have answers for those who prefer and require different products and technological solutions, as well as innovative, feasible and above all, actually functional solutions!

The benefits and added value are evident.

Adding value

We hope that receiving benefits, with a real added value is the reason for your choice! We aim much more than a simple commercial exchange.

We offer human and functional benefits, such as:
– Wide and deep experience in the areas of activity in which we operate.
– Solutions that actually perform the function for which they were acquired;
– Suitable prices, due to the high quality we do not dispense;
– Services and after-sales support;
– Ongoing Monitoring and Trust;
– Effective satisfaction of our customers.


The fact of being a new company in the market, does not mean inexperience.

On the contrary!

Our expertise, professional and personal (at Management and Technical levels) are certified by the broad curriculum, course and professional performance, arising from long experience in the business.

This know-how was the stimulus for the creation of We Innov.

We guarantee that the expectations of each of our customers will be fulfilled.

Technology evolves and WE INNOV!

“If You can DREAM it, you can do it!” – Walt Disney


Perform, tailored to their needs and expectations the projects of our; Contribute to their welfare conditions, safety, energy saving and development of their channels of communication, information and interaction with a society in constant evolution and innovation.


Client by Client, demonstrate and build a reference company in our areas of activity, embodying the motto of a more informed society, safer and more environmentally responsible.


We guide our personal and professional conduct by non-negotiable values:
– Honesty and transparency;
– Team Spirit and Professional Pride;
– High quality on the used Products and on the performed Services;
– Trust and loyalty relationships with all partners;
– Customer Satisfaction and effective real Value added to the service.

Technical Consulting • Commercialization • Installation • Technical Support

An answer to suit each need


Residential Market

The Safety of housing or property (anti-theft alarms, intrusion, fire detection and video surveillance), access control with video intercom systems, or automation environments (control lighting, surround sound, video, fireplace, etc. ), are examples of some nowadays needs that turn into projects that are designed according to the specific needs of each family, with effective results and costs now more accessible. You can view your home in real time, wherever you are, or receive alerts on your phone.


For an activity where the characteristics of both the installed products such as the technological services contractors, are basic requirements (both public and private entities) which may even become decisive factors in an extreme situation, ensuring safe and reliable solutions, professionalism and a global service of high reliability is the real concern.



Having regard to the various concerns of such a demanding sector (public or private), where user safety is a fundamental issue, we provide answers not only for security, but to optimize resources or maintaining effective communication channels (internet, videoconferencing, data storage, etc.).

Hospitality and Tourism

For this sector of activity, solutions to ensure the safety of users, are essential, for that the role of permanent and effective technical assistance is even crucial to the continued laboring, or to the protection of material resources. The comfort of access to communications and mobility, are now taken for granted by the user of this type of infrastructure, and thus obtaining the best solutions available, are a concern for any business in this sector.

Industry and Services

Any company in any sector or any size, need to optimize resources to monetize the business. There are many solutions needed, and even legally binding, so that this sector operates safety, legality and with maximum comfort for its users. The networking and communications solutions are very important and its proper functioning is crucial. There are answers for any type of concern in these activities.

Public Sector

Public infrastructure (monuments, institutional spaces – chambers, schools, hospitals, for example) must provide services tailored to the growing demand of its citizens, more and more skilled and therefore more demanding. Combine the technological advancement, as far as possible, with existing infrastructure serving communities, is essential to improve and enhance the lives of citizens and also to attract investment, save resources and improve services in general.

Intervention Areas

Energy Systems


Security Systems

Sound Systems

TV System

Home Automation


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