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The safety of people and goods is an issue that increasingly concerns society. In order to safeguard what they have of most precious, restaurants, schools, factories, shopping and other activities and entities, are increasingly resorting to the various solutions available, intending to better control procedures, infrastructure and facilities.

The integrated solutions available today are designed and programmed to respond exactly to the concerns of each case, and accessed according to the decision of each user.

We can talk about video cameras (CCTV), access control systems (residences, buildings or entities), intrusion detection systems, fire, flood and gas detection.

The security solution is more effective if designed contemplating immediately deterrent devices and not just the detection and rapid action on the threat already underway.

Security systems allow the management, protection and overall safety of buildings and people with regard to their integrity, access and circulation, and this can be done from any mobile device, regardless of its location.

Used to:

These solutions can be useful and applied to any market sector: industrial and services (restaurants, factories, for example), public entities (schools, hospitals, etc.), commercial spaces (shops and shopping centers) or in homes.

An access control can be useful for any company wishing to have strict control of all access to the company, in a hotel for the control and restriction of unauthorized access of guests, or at a residence for the access restriction to entry into it and into other private areas.

Advantages to consider:

Having a fire intrusion detection system (aka alarm) or intrusion detection in your company, institution or housing allows you, in addition to effective security, to have control through alerts whenever there is some movement, an unforeseen intrusion in facilities and an immediate action in case of fire, flood, gas leak or other risk.

Video surveillance systems allow the detection, alert and faster response; online remote communication with the “intruders”; remote monitoring from anywhere in the world via an Internet connection; total security (use of digital image encryption techniques); interoperability with other systems allow the return on investments; the implementation costs are reduced.

Have an access control to restrict access to areas, to authorized persons only; the control software allows you to monitor, for example, which doors are open, which was the last person to enter, how long did it in a certain room, how many people and who specifically came there, etc.


Video Surveillance
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